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Suspension type Air suspension
Model ENK
Area 14 m2
Purpose of the track Office,  Score,  Food truck.
Custom build configurator
Total area 14 m2 (up to 7 employees). Outdoor lighting is built into the opening upper sash of the window. The lower sash is sheathed on the inside with a welded stainless steel sheet, fastening is made with a minimum number of rivets to ensure a flat and smooth surface when open. Height from the ground to the working surface of the lower sash (in the open state) 900-1100 mm. Interior lighting - two LED strips.Internal additional lighting above work surfaces. Chrome wheel covers. Fire extinguisher. Title with destination, VIN number. The window opening mechanism is gas lift. The trailer door is opened using a special pipe mechanism and a guide for plane-parallel opening along the trailer.

A high level of autonomy will allow you to reach the most remote corners of any settlement

All season

The work is not limited by weather conditions: the convenience of visitors and staff, the safety of products, equipment, and the implementation of technical processes are ensured.

For visitors and staff

Window covers protect from the sun and rain, there is an external counter for shopping and bags.

Technical features:
Вид оснастки
Truck (chassis)
Hull painting technology
Basic body colors
RAL-3020 (red), RAL-5002 (blue), RAL-6029 (green).
Temperature mode of operation
from – 50 before +100С
4 mm
Rubber-harness axle
up to 1,800 kg for a 5x112 disc for a light trailer - 2 pcs
Total lifting capacity
3 600 kg
Wheel brake
type 2361 AL-KO
Forged levers
Pipe Profile
Wheel assembly
195R14C8 5.5J x 14 H2 (112x5) 900 kg
Overrun brake mechanism
KRV 30B K35A
Clutch type
coupling head K35A art. TAE0018004
Compatible wheel brake
F200 / F250 KNOTT
Tow ball load
150 kg
Static load
800 kg.
Internal lining
stainless steel AISI 430 with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm.
corrugated aluminum, laminated plywood, insulation
Wall insulation
non-combustible insulation - 40 mm.
How to open and buy a truck?

  • Develop a concept, menu;
  • Buy a food truck with a complete set corresponding to your concept;
  • Open Jur. face;
  • Rent a site with electricity to accommodate a food truck;
  • Go through all instances (SanPiN, Rospotrebnadzor...);
  • Start earning!
  • The advantage is that you can change the location and earn big money on various festivals and holidays..!

How to transport the truck?

The truck is transported mainly on SUV cars not lower than the Toyota RAV4 class.

How is delivery organized?

Delivery to any region, country is carried out with the help of a transport company at the expense of the customer.
Or you can pick up the food truck in your car and transport it on your own as a trailer.

Does the truck have thermal insulation?

The walls and floor of the food truck are insulated with a double layer of insulation, which avoids heat loss. It is possible to install underfloor heating, and thermal curtains above the windows and above the front door. Our food trucks passed a good frosty test drive in Khabarovsk, Irkutsk and Omsk!)

Do I need to register a truck with the traffic police?

Together with the food truck, you get a PTS with a special mark AUTO STORE or MOBILE CATERING POINT.
The food truck must be registered with the traffic police, get the state. number.
You can order a registration service from us.
Without your presence, we will carry out all the necessary procedures, and you will pick up your food truck with the established state. numbers.

What thermal equipment is in the truck?

Equipment for cooking is usually bought by customers themselves. Since basically, it is desktop and simply plugs into a power outlet. If the equipment needs installation, then by prior agreement with us, you order it with delivery to our workshop, and we bill for the installation work.

How is the exterior design developed?

You can use the services of our designer, or hire your own.
In the case of attracting our own designer, we will provide you with all the necessary materials for developing a design on our food truck.

Why truck?

The idea is that you invest in a truck once and do not become strongly attached to the place, as if you invested in a restaurant (rented a room, made repairs, purchased equipment ... 5-10 million rubles ..) and would be forced to work only in one place on a constant increase in the rent for the premises (standard practice of landlords). And your "restaurant on wheels" you can always put closer to the people!
Having rented a site in one place or another, in case of an unfavorable location, you can always terminate the lease and move to another place with all the equipment and products..

Does the truck have a generator?

We have developed a special generator that is built into a soundproof box (inside the track), a 75-liter gas tank is hidden in the floor with a hatch for refueling at gas stations, and an exhaust pipe is led up through the roof. It takes about 12 hours of work. Generator power from 10 to 20 kW.

Is it possible to rent a truck?

There are currently no trucks for rent. Only production under the order.

Is there a toilet in the truck?

The toilet is installed at the request of the customer

How to get a commercial offer?

To receive a price list and a commercial offer, fill out the feedback form, or call the general number 8-800-777-42-39 (toll-free).
Next, fill out the pre-order form and send it to us (print the "pre-order form" page, fill it out and send us a photo or scan).
Based on the completed document, we will make you an offer.
With the help of the price list, you can assemble your own exclusive food truck package.

Is food truck trading legal?

The expected date of entry into the Federal Law on street vending, which allows food trucks to trade in urban areas, is May 2019.
Link to bill - http://sozd.duma.gov.ru/bill/601732-7
At the moment, you can place a food truck in a pre-leased area.
You can also get up without any problems at various festivals, parties, parks and exhibitions.
Along with the food truck, you get a PTS with a special mark CAR STORE or MOBILE CATERING POINT and a Vehicle Type Approval (OTTA)..
The AUTOLAVKA mark closes a lot of questions from all regulatory authorities.

What do you need to have in the truck to avoid problems with regulatory and supervisory authorities?

  • a set of regulatory and technical documentation (GOST / TU, flow sheet or recipe, etc.);
  • personal medical books;
  • documents confirming the origin, quality and safety of food products, packaging materials and disposable tableware (certificates or declarations of conformity, state registration certificates);
  • temperature control log for refrigeration and freezing equipment;
  • examination log examination of the hands of open surfaces of the body for the presence of pustular diseases;
  • frying fat usage log (if frying is used)
  • marriage journal.

You will also need copies of the following documents, certified by the seal of the organization:
  • A notice of the start of business activity registered with Rospotrebnadzor (issued at the place of production, since it is not possible to issue a truck for all locations);
  • a program of production control over the procedure for compliance with sanitary rules and the implementation of mandatory sanitary and epidemiological measures in the manufacture and sale of public catering products;
  • lease agreement for the place of deployment (with title documents) or certificate of the right to locate the object);
  • contract for garbage collection (it is important that the agreement specifies the removal of solid waste and food waste);
  • contract for the disposal of mercury and fluorescent lamps (if any are used in the food truck);
  • contract for disinfection, disinfestation, deratization;
  • contract for laundry/dry cleaning of sanitary clothes (uniforms);
  • a contract for laboratory research;
  • records of sampling of finished dishes;
  • records of flushes from work surfaces, equipment, personnel hands;
  • a contract for the supply and export of used process water, disinfection of used tanks for process water or a protocol for testing water at the point of intake from an independent laboratory for a period not later than 1 year and the availability of a disinfectant for tanks for those.

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